Yoga and Bodywork

I’ve had what I thought was lower back pain for the greater part of 10 years. It started when a “trainer” in an ordinary gym had me doing a one-legged deadlift with dumbells. After that I had shooting pain to the right of my lower spine area. I had been to physical therapists and chiropractors that would hook me up to machines and tell me to stop lifting weights . The pain always resurfaced eventually. I started CrossFit in 2013 trying to ignore the pain. My coach suggested that I see Christy Linson for a mobility treatment . She QUICKLY located where the pain was really coming from…my S.I .joint. She massaged the area with a great deal of pressure. This combined with stretching has made my pain go away…COMPLETELY!!! I am still amazed at her skill and what she has done for me. It’s a miracle !!! I thought I was done with working out forever until I had this treatment. Now I can enjoy CrossFit pain free !!! Thank you Christy!!

Jamie Lupinaccio

I have had two lower back spinal fusion surgeries resulting in a decreased range of motion and limitations in certain CrossFit movements. As a result, I am prone to muscle spasms, knots in my back and shoulders and hip pain. Over the past 4 weeks, Christy has slowly but steadily reduced the tightness and knots in my lower back and shoulders which has let to increased mobility during my CrossFit workouts. I can now consistently squat below parallel! I feel better and move better which has my my workouts better and more effective. Thanks, Christy!

Marlo Karp
I haven’t been able to do a muscle up since the open. Today I did 30. THANK YOU!!
-Roy Rosado
For months, I was having problems with my shoulder. I have been a professional stylist for 12 years and have been doing Crossfit for 1.5 years. The pain in my shoulder was getting worse. I started having Mobility Treatments with Christy once a week for a month and the results are amazing! The plan is not to stop because it really helps me to perform my work and my workout without the pain!
-Jennifer Kole
“You.are.a.miracle.worker!!!! So, I think you can actually stop with all the yogi and teacher titles and whatnot and just call it like it is!!! MIRACLE WORKER!!”
-Gabby Cook

“Christy is pure sunshine. I have known Christy professionally for six years. I have experienced her massage, body work and yoga classes and retreats. She is a HEALER…a person who intuitively knows the human body and knows how to help you heal it. She is gentle and kind and leaves you better than she found you. I write this recommendation without reservation, she is a pure gift!”

Truly, Bridget Beyer Tapkas, Dealer Principal Beyer Ford

“Christy is a superb yoga instructor;  her very specific, exacting and understandable instruction is equally matched by her patient, gentle and lovely manner.  I greatly appreciate this style of instruction as good form is so very important in yoga.  Finding the safe yet dynamic positions suited best to each body is everything to experiencing the extraordinary benefits of yoga – it takes an instructor who is not only passionate but endlessly patient, diligent and watchful…all that Christy is.”

-Sara Erb

“I am so grateful to have found Christy’s yoga classes. I am one of those people who believes that we can all access the good—the joy, the challenges, the healing—in yoga for ourselves whenever we need it. But…sometimes it helps to have a really good teacher. Christy is that kind of teacher. Sometimes a yoga teacher demonstrates an ideal but Christy is actually able to illuminate the process. And because of her knowledge of anatomy and physiology she helps you learn to heal and strengthen yourself in poses. Her class always seems to provide just what you needed, even if you didn’t know you needed it.

Christy is a also a gifted massage therapist. I believe that the integration of her knowledge of yoga, anatomy and therapeutics provides a really unique insight into the causes of pain and injury. In her yoga classes, I have learned about how to heal and transcend some of the habits which cause imbalance and stress to my body. A massage from Christy is one of the most beneficial and therapeutic things you can do for yourself. Her in depth understanding of how we carry stress in our body lets her know exactly where there is a problem and she is able to provide so much healing, relief and balance. If you want to improve your physical and emotional health, a massage with Christy is one of the best gifts to give yourself.”

-Donna Bucciarelli

“I sought Christy’s help after trying to deal with back and foot pain I had been experiencing over several months.   My lower back and foot were particularly a problem after running and doing high impact workouts.   Christy was able to target the specific areas in my lower back and relieve the pain with massage therapy.  She made several good suggestions which I immediately tried such as using inserts for my running shoes, icing my foot and being more aware, overall,  of how I run. These changes have significantly reduced my lower back pain and also alleviated the foot pain allowing me to enjoy running again.”

-Michele Gaynor

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of Christy’s first YTT. I can’t begin to express my joy and gratitude for her for allowing me the opportunity. Christy is an amazing human being; kind, patient and loving. She also has an incredible amount of knowledge which she shares without reservation. Christy makes learning fun and exciting. She welcomes questions and conversations in all areas of the training. She isn’t afraid to say that she doesn’t know an answer, but will also find the answer if she doesn’t know. Her love of people, yoga, and teachings are highlighted in her dedication to her students, her own education, and her practice. Christy does what she loves and it shows.”


“The training I received under your supervision has given me the knowledge, skill, and confidence to hit the ground running with my own teaching practice. Never dreamed I’d be where I am now. Thanks, Christy.”


“Yoga teacher training was the most enjoyable challenge I have ever taken on. I could not imagine a better investment of time and energy. The benefits of this training will last the rest of my life.”


“The Aligned Flow Teacher Training was by far the best thing that could have happened to me, especially during a difficult transitional time in my personal life. Christy’s love and knowledge of both yoga  and the human heart was blended into an amazingly transformational and educational experience.

From anatomy and alignment, pranayama, and personal practice, this training went far beyond the mat and the classroom and into our daily lives. I went into this training with the intention of deepening my own practice (not really to teach), but found myself emerging with a new found voice and passion to share with others all that I had learned. I look forward to taking further trainings with Christy in the future.”


Yoga Retreat at Lumeria Maui, March 2013

This retreat afforded me the opportunity to reconnect and rebalance after months of post-operative rehabilitation and months of rehab yet to follow. It was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually uplifting! Everything about the retreat was exceptional, thought out and carefully planned for to ensure that every participant’s individual needs were taken into consideration. The schedule flowed beautifully, and I was able to do as much or as little as I wanted to do. There was plenty of common time as well as free time to venture out on your own or simply soak up the beauty and sacredness of Lumeria. It was truly a place to connect with nature and all things beautiful….

-J.T. Carricarte

I feel so lucky to have been a part of the first Aligned Flow Maui Yoga Retreat. The retreat was nothing short of exceptional. Christy’s efforts exceeded my expectations- her meticulous planning and thoughtful details were apparent in every aspect of our time at Lumeria.

Thank you Christy for being who you are, for doing what you do and for giving us the gift of this most amazing retreat! It was PERFECT.

– Linda Rutz

I have been on many retreats but this one was the very first one where I literally felt the daily cares melt away the moment I stood on the ground of Lumeria. It was so peaceful and created a space for us to be able to hear what was happening in our hearts…maybe some of us for even the first time. Christy set the tone for intention and by sharing a daily theme with us and encouraging us to journal, it seemed like years of unsettled business somehow worked its way out from our hearts, to the paper, to each other and to the yoga mat. Christy is my sister but I can honestly say that she has an amazing gift and love for people and it shows in the great attention to detail that she takes in preparing for each class. If you want to find a resting place away from the world, and if you know your soul needs a recharge…listen to your heart, this is the retreat for you.

-April Linson

Entering Lumeria cannot be described by any words in the human language. It is an experience that one must be had using all 5 senses. Lumeria is magic. Pictures and words do no justice to describe Lumeria. You need to hear the birds, geckos and the wind in the trees, see the beauty of the landscape and amenities, smell the Maui air, fragrant with Plumeria, ocean mist, and mountain dew, touch the soft green grass between your toes and feel the sunshine on your face and taste the amazing food. If you have the privilege to go there on an Aligned Flow retreat you will certainly understand what heaven on earth must be like. Having the honor to be in such a sacred place with Christy as your guide is pure magic. Her thoughtfulness in planning each daily practice is immediately apparent as is her undying love of what she does and pure heart and spirit. If you ever do one utterly selfish thing in your life it should be to attend an Aligned Flow retreat with Christy at Lumeria. The experience is life changing. Her gentle nature creates such a safe environment for you to explore your inner being. Her thought provoking comments in class seem to somehow be directed right at you, as if she could see right into your very thoughts themselves. This experience was the best gift I ever gave myself. I reconnected with myself, with old friends and made new friends. I hope that this will become an annual event. In one word AMAZING.

-S. Green

Thank you, Christy for an incredibly creative, restorative and meaningful experience. The retreat had a well-planned yet natural cadence incorporating wonderful daily themes, readings and meditations woven into both yoga practices and excursions. There was no detail of the retreat that was not completely thought out and attended to. Set against the amazingly supportive backdrop of the Lumeria Retreat Center and our wonderful host and his staff, Christy designed a totally nurturing, life-changing experience. You do NOT want to miss the next one…

-Pam S.

The Yoga Retreat in Maui was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. From the moment you arrive at Lumeria, you’re magically transported to a place of serenity, support, joy, and abundance. Christy put together a life-changing retreat, with well-balanced practices, thoughtful meditations, and fun excursions. She is truly gifted for creating incredibly nurturing and profound experiences and I highly recommend her retreat to anyone with an open heart.

-Claire D.



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