Mobility Treatments

Mobility Treatments

“Strength + Mobility = Resilience + Longevity”

Mobility treatments are a blend of Thai Yoga massage, deep tissue and therapeutic massage, and exercises based my alignment training through massage, yoga, and Cross-fit. This work has been fine tuned over 13 years of experience and observation working with athletes as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. They are meant to bring balance to the body in terms of strength and flexibility in order to produce resilience in applied actions, less injuries so you can continue to do the sport you love.

I work with my clients based on their specific needs in terms of range of motion, structural balance, and their personal goals as athletes.  Each session differs depending on need and progression. Mobility Treatments are therapeutic and meant to produce structural and measurable results. They not relaxing spa treatments. That is my nice way of saying, “They can hurt,” but you will notice a difference and feel much better afterwards, I promise.

Depending on the individual it can look like:

*Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage

*Thai Yoga Massage

*Targeted Asana (Yoga Postures) and Stretching/Range of Motion Exercises

*Use and Instruction of Using Balls, Foam Rollers, Bands and the Still Point Inducer to Reduce Adhesions in Connective Tissue and Produce a Relaxation Response for Greater Healing

*Educational training in alignment, breathing techniques and meditation to improve performance and meet goals

*A Mobilization Plan For Ongoing Healing and Mobility To Be Used Before and After Workouts

 All Sessions are $100/hour

I am at Brazen Athletics: Crossfit Link in Fairfield on Mondays from 4:30-8p and Wednesdays from 3:30-7p for half hour sessions during WOD times. $40/30 mins or buy a 5 session pack for $180.

In February, I will begin offering Mobility out of Crossfit Willow in Hoboken! Stay tuned for appointment days and times!

To sign up:

Members can login and sign up on the Appointment page in MindBody

Non-members can send me an email at

For questions and to set up private appointments please contact me at:


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