Prajjali Party This Sunday 2/9!

Prajjali Logo

Come practice yoga with us as we visit Prajjali Partner studio Naturally Yoga in Glen Rock this Sunday for their 10-11:30 mixed level class with Sheryl!

In case you haven’t heard, Prajjali offers universal yoga passes that can be used at any of the 40+ partner studios. Prajjali offers a yoga class to veterans for each pass purchased on their site. Those of you who practice regularly can attest to the stress relieving benefits of yoga, and it’s such a gift to those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy every day in this country.

If you don’t have a Prajjali Pass yet, please visit:

Come practice yoga with us on Sunday and support this incredible cause!

If you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you! Hope to see you there!



Amazing Gift Ideas!

Happy Holiday Season! That was quick, wasn’t it?!

I am not a big Black Friday shopper, but I do love buying meaningful gifts that support a great cause! In true fashion, while many people have told me that they are already done with their shopping, I am just beginning. If you are like me and are just starting to think about gifts, here are a few things that I will be purchasing this holiday season and highly recommend:

1. Prajjali Passes!

“Buy a pass, fund a class,” for Veterans, that is. With the purchase of a pass, Prajjali offers a free class for Veterans. There are over 40 studios participating in this amazing cause, and the lucky recipient of your gift can visit any of these studios while supporting our Veterans at the same time!

2. Pangea Organics!

Pangea Organics is an amazing skin care company out of Boulder, Colorado that uses only the purest of ingredients. Pangea creates radiant skin without any of the harsh chemicals that are included in many skincare brands. The products smell amazing (super important to me) and the lip balm doesn’t repel Alex (also very important and hard to accomplish). He actually asks to use it! I’ve had such great feedback from people with every skin type, and love and believe in it so much that I signed up to become a Beauty Ecologist with them. Not sold? Comment below and I will give you some samples or, better yet will come over and bring all of the products for you and some friends to try out! Until December 2nd, Pangea is offering Buy one, get one free! Buy an incredible gift for a friend and get one for yourself….I mean, for another friend!

3. Books! 

Here are a few that I love (not all, because then there will be no surprises!) and will definitely be sharing this holiday season:


The Gifts of Imperfection by, Brene Brown,21 Day Sugar Detox (and Practical Paleo) by Diane Sanfilippo, Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser, and The Signature of All Things (not pictured because I loaned it to a friend) by Elizabeth Gilbert

4. If you are feeling supergenerous, (shameless promotion) there are still spaces open on my Maui Retreat this March! There is one room open and 2 spots for female roommates!


Have more good ideas? Please share in the comment box below! 

Many Blessings,


First Prajjali Party next Friday, November 8th!

Come with me and Terri Brown, co-founder of Prajjali as we have the first ever Prajjali Practice at JaiPure yoga in Montclair.

We will be meeting there for the 9:30 am Tri-Vinyasa Pure 75 class!

Buy your Prajjali pass at, support a great cause, and come practice yoga with us at this partner studio!

The Prajjali Party Is About To Begin!

I just bought my first Prajjli Pass!!!!

I wrote about the Prajjali Project before, and am so excited to begin! One of the graduates of the Aligned Flow YTT (who is also a veteran) has gone on to take the Warriors At Ease YTT and will be teaching classes to Veterans through this program! I could not be more proud and excited to support this amazing cause!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Prajjali is a universal yoga pass that you can buy online, and currently use at 35 yoga studios in NJ, NY and in MA!  The list of Prajjali Partner studios  is growing every day! There is a list of partners on the website!

I am going to begin announcing the classes I will be taking using my Prajjali Pass! Please purchase a pass, support an awesome program, and join me in getting on the mat! I love teaching, but practicing along friends and family is MY FAVORITE!!!!

The Prajjali Pass

Hello, lovelies!  I wanted to share some exciting news with you today!

I have had the total honor of writing the first official blog post for (Look under Prajjali Journal)!

The Prajjali pass is a universal yoga pass that you buy online and can use at any of the partner studios. Your purchase of this community building pass goes toward offering free yoga classes for veterans. When I first heard about this idea, I was blown away. Who better to offer yoga to than those who have fought for our freedoms?


The pass is available online, although they have not fully begun advertising as the partner studios are still setting up their pages. So far many incredible local studios have signed up and are already committed to welcoming new yoga students as well as supporting our veterans.

Here are a few facts that I think make this pass remarkable:

1. The yoga instructors who are offering instruction to veterans are all certified through Warriors at Ease, a teacher training program that has been specifically created to support the needs of those who have returned from war.

2. The yoga instructors are paid for the veterans classes they teach. The founders of the Prajjali Pass, although they are all about service and Karma, want their instructors to be fairly compensated for the incredible work they are offering.

3. The Prajjali partner studios will be fairly compensated for each person who comes to their studio using the pass.

This pass can be purchased through the site and can be used to find your yoga home, if you haven’t already, and will be wonderful while traveling as more studios become partners.

Check out for more information and to set up your pass. They will be at Global Mala this weekend, so you can ask questions and hear more about this incredible cause.