All Pau (done)!

Aloha! I can’t believe that I am back home reflecting on how the retreat went already! It went so fast.

After the retreat was over, I stayed at a friend’s home in beautiful Kula where I could look out the window down the volcano toward the water and check the weather on both the North and South shores. Maui is such a beautiful place.

This was the view from my bed on my first morning in Kula.

This was the view from my bed on my first morning in Kula.

What an honor it was to host 18 people at Lumeria Maui. We practiced in their new and beautiful yoga shala. The food was delicious, and it was great to practice yoga with such an incredible group of people. It was great to see how easily everyone embraced all that Lumeria and Maui have to offer (which is a whole lot).

While we were there, they had hired a film crew to work on a promotional video for Lumeria. They asked me to be a part of it so I could speak about being a retreat leader there. As soon as it comes out, I will post it here although I have to say that I learned on this trip that video is not the easiest (even though their crew was brilliant at making me feel comfortable). Which leads me to this point…

To all of my Mobility Treatment people: I did film a mobility video for you, but it is too terrible! The sound didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped so I am going to have to do more mic research. 🙂 I promise you I will keep trying. Instead, here are some more photos from the retreat. Next year’s dates will be up soon. I am looking at early April.




Pre-Retreat Photos

Aloha! I am here on Maui and the retreat begins tonight!

I spent 3 days out in the rainforest. Every time I come back it takes me a few days to land. I drove around and visited some of my favorite sites, took many photos to share, and made it a good way through my favorite foods here in Maui all while drinking in this delicious air. Haiku and Huelo have a unique smell that I can only describe as celery scented. It is my favorite smell in the world and it’s only in those two places.

Now I am checked into Lumeria listening to the sounds of wheeled luggage making it’s way down the planked lanai while people find their rooms. This year I was upgraded to a suite which was so generous and a super blessing. I like to wake up early every morning to practice, pray, and prepare (alliteration!) for each day and I was nervous about waking up my friend Stine, who is my roommate.  Not anymore! 🙂

Here are some photos from the trip so far! Please pray and send good energy to all who are still traveling and who have come so far to receive this week! Lumeria is an incredible place to unwind and come back home to yourself, and I feel blessed be welcomed and to welcome people in! It’s a life changer.


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Back From Costa Rica! Pura Vida!

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Last week I traveled to the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. I have wanted to experience Costa Rica ever since I lived in Maui years ago. Maui is a transitive place and many of the people who chase the waves to Hawaii have great stories of other amazing places around the globe.  A commonly described one is Costa Rica.

Near the end of last year, I decided to add a second retreat in 2015 and researched a few places in Costa Rica. I put it on my vision board and started telling people that I was planning to go in February. I had no idea how it was going to happen, but I felt like it was true. To make a long story short, I ended up going to Costa Rica in February and staying with a friend from high school whom I had not seen in 20 years. I couldn’t have imagined any of this ahead of time, but it all worked out amazingly.

Each of the two places that I planned to visit are gorgeous and in 2015 I will be most likely traveling back twice; once to lead a yoga retreat and once to lead my 200 hour yoga teacher training in a month long intensive format. The dates and registration will be up soon.

Costa Ricans, as you probably know, have a saying; Pura Vida (the pure life)! It is a greeting and a lifestyle. One of the most common things people say about Costa Rica is that the people are so welcoming and nice, and it’s totally true. The natural beauty of Costa Rica encourages a sense of harmony within; even the dogs are peaceful and completely mellow.

In the same way, yoga and meditation create Pura Vida within. As you breathe and move, postural and habitual patterns of tension in your body are balanced, obstructions melt, and your mind starts to ride on the slow, steady waves of your breath.

I love teaching yoga in beautiful places, and I can honestly say that the yoga practice has the ability to bring the innate beauty out of any place and any person. In my Saturday Beginner’s class, we have had over 40 people pretty steadily for the past month. 40 strangers sit in a crowded room trying to carve our their space and every time another person walks in, the mats have to move even closer together. At the beginning of class when we set up, there is sometimes a feeling of unsettledness, but as we sit and tune in, the entire room lands. It happens every time, and all month not one person has complained to me about the crowdedness or lack of space. That to me is a sign of a great connection to the beauty within. That is palpable Pura Vida in practice, and I feel so blessed that even though I love to travel, I already live and practice in a beautiful place with all of you.

My 21 Days of Sugar Detox

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A few days ago I finished Diane Sanfilippo’s 21 Day Sugar Detox. I used both the book with the same title and the corresponding cookbook with over 100 additional recipes. I can honestly say that I had a great experience overall and learned a lot. Having a plan like this made me cook much more than I usually do which in itself is great. In the beginning, Diane let me know early on that being prepared would make all of the difference and it did.  All of the recipes are delicious and super simple. Most of them didn’t take more than 20 minutes to get ready. I found a new love for Zoodles (zucchini noodles) and made a bunch of recipes with them (as you can see above). Another favorite from the book is the Chicken with Artichokes and Olives. It’s kind of miraculous and super simple to make.

The detox offers 3 levels so you can choose which one will best work for you. There are also plans for athletes, people with immune disorders, etc. You can sign up for daily inspiration emails through the 21 DSD site which connects you to other people doing the detox, and there is a Facebook group as well. When doing something like this, it is best to do it with support (especially if while you’re on the detox, your fiance suddenly goes through the biggest sugar craving ever and starts buying Newman-o’s -kind of like a pretend healthy Oreo).

They say it takes 21 Days to form a new habit, and I think it worked. While on the detox, it became pretty obvious to me that while I don’t eat a lot of processed foods or sugar, I do enjoy fruit, potatoes, rice, and organic popcorn.  Honestly, I do feel a lot less puffy after 21 days so I know I was having too much of my preferred sugars. The times I actually missed eating something sweet were times that I was feeling stressed. Because I wasn’t eating any junk it encouraged me to actually reflect on the cause of the stressor and make changes rather than just eating something and avoiding it.

I didn’t do it perfectly and in the last few days, I drank a whole kombucha instead of half (half is okay on Level 1 of the 21 DSD). Alex called it my “Sugar Retox.”

I highly recommend the 21 DSD and Diane Sanfilippo’s books to anyone who is interested in taking a step back and forming a new relationship with their food. It was a great experience and I look forward to continuing on with the recipes and sticking pretty closely to this way of eating. I just feel better.

Thank you and a little announcement for my Prana peeps!



After all of the snow these past few weeks so many of you came out this past weekend that the classes were full (45 people-AWESOME!), and a few of you were even turned away.  😦   We have such an amazing group on Saturday every week, and whether this big class happens again or not, I want everyone to always feel welcome to share this practice with all of you!

Nancy and I were talking about how we can keep that from happening again, and here is the awesome news:

The studio actually holds 52 people if we orient the mats differently.  We haven’t had to do this yet, but we can if we know that we have to! The best way for us to prepare is to make sure that you get there and set up on time.

I know (and so do you if you are a regular) that Prana can get a bit busy between morning classes on Saturday (it’s just part of the gift of practicing in such a wonderful place) and it’s not always possible to get into the studio right away because the earlier class is still practicing, but please try to get there and sign in at least 5 minutes before class starts. This will ensure that you can set up your spot as well as create space for anyone who might be coming for the first time and doesn’t know how crowded it can be.

I always want anyone walking through the doors to feel that they are welcomed and that there is a space for them.  I’m sure you’ve heard me say that dozens of times as we move our mats closer together! 🙂

Thank you all so much for so faithfully practicing with me on Saturdays (especially those of you who have come to my Beginner’s class for years and are no longer beginners, but continue to come to class). I appreciate every single one of you and feel so honored to be able to share this practice with you! I so appreciate the warmth and genuine care that you extend to others in the class as our community grows!

Thank you and I will look forward to seeing you on Saturday!




Prajjali Party This Sunday 2/9!

Prajjali Logo

Come practice yoga with us as we visit Prajjali Partner studio Naturally Yoga in Glen Rock this Sunday for their 10-11:30 mixed level class with Sheryl!

In case you haven’t heard, Prajjali offers universal yoga passes that can be used at any of the 40+ partner studios. Prajjali offers a yoga class to veterans for each pass purchased on their site. Those of you who practice regularly can attest to the stress relieving benefits of yoga, and it’s such a gift to those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy every day in this country.

If you don’t have a Prajjali Pass yet, please visit:

Come practice yoga with us on Sunday and support this incredible cause!

If you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you! Hope to see you there!


How I Aligned My Flow (so far): Part 8

Alignment Adjustment 8:

“Make a new memory.” 

Craig King, owner of Glow Juice Cleanse, Maui HI

Craig King

 I was 27 when I lived in Boulder and had already attended and dropped out of college, moved to Maui and put myself through massage school, was a licensed massage therapist and, now that I had figured out what I wanted to study, was in the process of putting myself back through college. Listing these things, it sounds like I had already lived quite a bit, but I was (and still am) a pretty late bloomer.

There was a raw food restaurant in town that I used to go to with friends. It was on my way to school so I would pass it on my walk and often stop in and eat. The owner, Craig was a friend of the woman I nannied for, and we became friendly. One night, I was out at a bar and we bumped into each other. Without my knowing it,  he bought me a shot of tequila, and when they served it to me, I froze.

I had tequila shots only one other time when I actually didn’t know what tequila was, and didn’t have a lot of experience with alcohol at all (I was 23). I was with a friend and just drank as much as she did, not realizing what I was doing. My entire life changed course in that night, and lets just say, I definitely didn’t drink tequila after that.

“Do you have a bad memory associated with it?” Craig asked when I told him I didn’t drink tequila.

I told him that I did. 

“Well, it’s time to make a new memory, ” he said smiling, and clinked my glass.

A flashbulb went off in my head. It was a totally new idea to me, and yet so simple. I realized that I actually had the ability to make a new memory, to break the charge that my old emotions gave an inanimate object. 

Ever since that one sentence, I realized that we have the power to attach meaning to things, and also to take that charge away. It really worked. It’s empowering, liberating, and I encourage you to try it. It frees up a lot of band width in your life.

Last year, when I set up my first retreat at Lumeria in Maui, the friend that I used to nanny for sent me a message letting me know that Craig was now at Lumeria too. He had moved out to Maui and had started a juice  cleanse that was now island wide and had him delivering vat loads of fresh juice every single day. It was great to see him while I was there, although I never had the chance to tell him what a huge difference that one sentence made in my life.

I have been thinking about writing this particular post for awhile, but today on Facebook, Craig shared the story of how his mom’s battle with her health and tragic suicide led him to so passionately pursue chemical drug free healing. His story began with, “The shot that forever changed my world:”

Craig is out in the world sharing his passion for the power of natural healing. He has changed so many lives because he took a traumatic experience and used it to power a mission to save people from the outcome his precious mom met with.  I already had a lot of admiration for Craig, but knowing his story has deepened my respect. So, this post is a big thank you to Craig King for the direction he has chosen to take with his life and for the shot that forever changed my perspective and so, my world. I pray that the simple yet powerful ability we have to “make new memories” continues to ripple out and empower more people toward fuller, healthier lives the way it has for me.

Happy New Year Announcements!

It’s the last day of January and we are heading into the Chinese New Year! I just sent out a newsletter a little while ago talking about the significance of moving from the water element to the wood element! If you aren’t on my newsletter list, sign up HERE! It’s a new thing for me this year, and I’m having a lot of fun with it! 

In the spirit of this forward moving energy of the Horse, I have a few announcements!

Anjali Long LogoMy acupuncturist friend, Terri Brown and I are bringing Anjali Retreats to Prana Yoga in Denville on Friday, February 21st. This event has sold out in the past and so we are offering 2  1.5 hour sessions at 5:30-7p and 7:30-9p. To register contact Prana Yoga or send me a message. There are 9 spots available in each session and we already have quite a few spots filled.

Brazen Logo

Most of you know that I offer Mobility Treatments to the athletes at Brazen Athletics in Fairfield where my lovely fiance, Alex is the head coach. Well, after much searching and hard work, Brazen is opening their second location in Hoboken this Monday, Feb 3rd! Crossfit is so much fun and Brazen has an incredible community of coaches and athletes that I know is going to grow exponentially in these next few months! If you are in Hoboken and are looking for an amazing box, please check it out. These coaches go through years of interning, observing, meetings, and being coached in order to be able to offer the best in training to you! Check out all of the details HERE!

Happy New Year and Happy SuperBowl! Have fun and stay safe!